If you earn less than $1-million per year and want to earn more then this content is for you.

I'll walk you through my 7-level playbook

Level 1: Employee thru Level 7: Remote Entrepreneur

(see levels below)

Sharing specifics on marketing, execution, psychology, and lifestyle at each level and how to move up.







My Levels Playbook To Attain Wealth.

Level 7 - The "RemotePreneur" (highest level)

This is what an entrepreneur does but instead has multiple streams of income through their entrepreneurial activities. Usually at least three. 

Has mastered the art of business psychology, lifestyle,  marketing, and execution. 

Level 6 - The "Entrepreneur"

A person who can walk away from their business for extended periods of time and still have the business operate successfully. 

The business is not reliant on them to operate, and the business is generating additional income to support other investments.

Level 5 - The "CEO"

A business owner of at least $5mm in revenue that has direct reports, and manages people and clients in the organization. Major psychological inner battles develop as well as a fear of failure and sustainability. 

Level 4 - The Self-Employed

Business owners hire a few to some employees to conduct business. Yet, the entire business rests on their shoulders, and it is still trading time for money but at a higher amount. The ego starts to be a problem for most here.

Level 3 - The Freelancer

Exchanges time for money, but has to structure their own environment and finances. Major false sense of security usually starts developing at this stage.

Level 2 - The Side Hustler

Realizes or desires more income and is earning some more money but further trading their time for money.

Level 1 - The Employee

Exchanges time for money and is given instructions within a structured environment. 

Not given tools or knowledge on how to be financially wealthy.


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About Ashkan

companies he currently owns remotely

TopDevz, is one of America's fastest-growing custom software development companies. The company operates fully remotely.

In 2020 Ashkan was named Silicon Reviews Top 30 Best CEOs.

30 Best CEOs of 2020

The Silicon Review, is a corporate card program with built-in expense management and no credit checks. The cards come with rewards and a suite of additional software tools, like a free replacement to Zoom or 1-way virtual interviews. is a real estate company focused on co-living spaces. Since starting in 2016, Nodes portfolio holdings are over $100-million already. Also, Node recently raised another $350-million to expand in Europe. Read the Forbes article here.

Ashkan’s also obsessed with cars, watches, and jets — a lot, so expect to see them in his videos.







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