Most RemotePreneurs struggle with the massive false sense of reality that comes with working remotely. The goal of this series is to show the audience how to structure, operate, and grow a remote-based business to a high net-worth. 



Why Am I Doing This?



Are you an Entrepreneur or a RemotePreneur?

From eating habits to accounting and remote management. This channel covers your keys to success about what it's like to run and grow a remote company.  



Top 10 Reasons Why Freelancers Fail

The videos will show you real-world skills and knowledge that can help you make tons of money, save a lot of time, and avoid costly mistakes working remotely.

About Ashkan

companies he currently owns remotely

TopDevz, is one of America's fastest-growing custom software development companies. The company operates fully remotely.

In 2020 Ashkan was named Silicon Reviews Top 30 Best CEOs., is a corporate card program with built-in expense management and no credit checks. The cards come with rewards and a suite of additional software tools, like a free replacement to Zoom or 1-way virtual interviews. is a real estate company focused on co-living spaces. Since starting in 2016, Nodes portfolio holdings are over $100-million already. Also, Node recently raised another $350-million to expand in Europe. Read the Forbes article here.

Ashkan’s also obsessed with cars, watches, and jets — a lot, so expect to see them in his videos.

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